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gpib interfaces   ethernet interfaces   GPIB Controllers   2399 ANSI X3.28 Converter

Widest selection of GPIB Interfaces anywhere!


VXI-11 and LXI compatible Ethernet Interfaces


Add GPIB control to any Computer, PC or MAC


New Products from ICS!

Board level and enclosed GPIB Interfaces for Analog, Digital, Serial, Modbus, Relays and Relay Drivers
Ethernet to Digital, Ethernet to Relays and Relay Drivers, and Ethernet to Modbus Interfaces
Add GPIB control from USB, Ethernet, PCI bus, PXI or Serial sources.

Our ANSI X3.28 to Modbus RTU Converter replaces your old ANSI X3.28 Controller with a modern Modbus Controller.
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    vxi interfaces   usb to digital
serial interfaces   Modbus Interfaces   VXI Module shield kits and VXI interfaces   usb to digital

Serial Interfaces with GPIB functionality


Integrating Modbus devices into Test Systems


VXI Shield Kits and Interfaces


USB Interfaces with GPIB functionality

Board level and enclosed Serial Interfaces for Analog, Digital, Serial, Modbus, Relays and Relay Drivers
Ethernet, GPIB and Serial to Modbus RTU Interfaces in OEM and enclosed boxes.
Widest selection of VXI Module Shield Kits and Interfaces for production and prototype kits.
USB to Digital and USB to Serial IO boards for OEMs.
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